WRC’s June Creative Chat: Dream Streets

WRC held its fifth Creative Chat on Wednesday, June 10, at the Chris White Gallery that featured special guests Margaret Winslow, Associate Curator for Contemporary Art of Delaware Art Museum, Michael Kalmbach, Executive Director of Creative Vision Factory, and accomplished artist Rick Rothrock. Winslow moderated a discussion with Kalmbach and Rothrock about the history that informed the exhibition Dream Streets: Art in Wilmington 1970-1990. Kalmbach and Rothrock described motivations and processes behind past art projects and how they engaged the Delaware community. Specific projects mentioned include Kalmbach’s involvement with the Kalmar Nyckel mural and Rothrock’s creative projects displayed throughout the Brandywine Zoo.

Photo by Brian Wild Photography

Photo by Brian Wild Photography

In addition to various art projects, Kalmbach and Rothrock highlighted how Wilmington is an attractive art hub. Kalmbach expressed “autonomy, mastery and purpose” are the main job aspects of artists and that he, as well as others, have successfully utilized these aspects in Wilmington. Rothrock explained how having Wilmington as a home base has helped him grow his success to other parts of Delaware and Philadelphia. The speakers also focused on their involvement with Wilmington art institutions like the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, the Delaware College of Art & Design, and the New Wilmington Art Association, and the many opportunities these institutions have to offer to artists.

Photo by Brian Wild Photography

Photo by Brian Wild Photography

Visit WRC’s Flickr page to see additional June Creative Chat photos.

Learn more about WRC’s Creative Chat:
Join us four times a year for an informal, interactive series that updates our community about the vision plan for Wilmington’s Creative District. Each event starts with a networking opportunity followed by a presentation by an expert in the creative or maker field. Creative Chats are free and open to the public.

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