Wilmington Receives Downtown Development District Designation

On January 14, Governor Jack Markell announced Wilmington’s designation as a Downtown Development District (DDD) at Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD). Wilmington, along with Seaford and Dover, will receive benefits such as tax breaks, city/county incentives and grants.


Gov. Markell told attendees that Wilmington’s economy is growing and changing and that adapting to this new economy will depend on the vibrancy of Downtown areas. He mentioned revitalization successes of Wilmington such as Market St. and the Riverfront and expressed that Wilmington’s plan will effectively build on Downtown revitalization efforts that are already underway. Some of these projects include WRC’s Creative District, East Side Rising and new residential units on Market St. Gov. Markell stated some of the goals of the DDD program: the improvement of housing and quality of life, the renovation of Downtown areas and attraction of new business and commerce, the stimulation of a stable community and the assistance of municipalities.

(DDD’s New Logo Created by DCAD Students)

(DDD’s New Logo Created by DCAD Students)

Watch the designation on WITN22’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUpRzezYj7o


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