What is Creative Placemaking?

Creative placemaking is an evolving field of practice where partners from public, private, nonprofit and community organizations collaborate and use art, culture and creativity to physically and socially revitalize a community. The goals of creative placemaking are to leverage existing creative potential in the area, support current businesses and create new business opportunities, and create a distinct and diverse community that attracts locals and tourists.


The process of creative placemaking would not be successful without a key element: artists. It is important to keep in mind that the term “artist” is defined as anyone whose profession harnesses their creative capacity to innovate and create. Therefore, artists can include visual and performance artists, technical innovators, designers, craftspeople, engineers, research and development consultants, etc. Creative placemaking can range from painting murals on buildings to establishing live/work spaces for artists. Communities all over the country have successfully established creative placemaking ideas or are beginning the process.

Explore Baltimore’s street art project that helped enliven vacant and underused spaces or San Diego’s plan to benchmark Portland’s community-build projects, along with additional creative placemaking stories:

NEA “Our Town” Grants Fuel Placemaking Success in 4 Cities

From Village Building Convergence in Portland to Creative Place-Making In San Diego?

The Twin Cities discover tactical urbanism – and create improvisational change

Artists and organizations work together to stimulate change, but it takes the efforts of an entire community to implement creative placemaking.

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