Hey, Wilmington! Let’s promote the positive.

Once again another negative article about Wilmington hit the news media in the last week. While some have grown immune to these negative stories, living a “well, that’s just Wilmington” mantra; others have grown increasingly incensed that the not-new story of Wilmington’s crime problems keeps playing over and over like a broken record.

Posts on social media, conversations around conference room tables and discussions among neighbors grow increasingly frustrated with outbursts of anger that once again the media is only telling the one-sided story of Wilmington. That once again the media is only shining a light on the controversy in order to increase their readership/viewership rather than providing a fair and balanced perspective on our city. Every day there are stories of the people who live and work in this city who are making a difference and who love Wilmington. But do those stories get covered? Not nearly often enough.

The reality is we can’t control our media outlets; and we can’t control the criminal element that gives those outlets their fodder. All we can control is our own behavior, our own messaging of our community to the people in our circle of friends, family and colleagues.

As it stands today, we’ve let a small contingent of criminals control the image of our city. We must end this cycle TODAY. Now is the time for all of us who care about Wilmington to be heard. You’ve got a good story to tell about Wilmington? Flood the newsrooms with your press releases. You think people ought to know the same good stories you know? Send your friends, family and colleagues an email telling them.


You want the world to know that Wilmington is so much more than a crime statistic? Post all of that good news on your social media outlets. Everything – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – they all count and can make a difference. And don’t just post, SHARE. Share the other good stories about Wilmington that you see.

And when you’re confronted with someone who insists on being negative about our city? Shut. It. Down. Delete their post. Tell them you’re not going to be negative about your city; that you’re going to only promote the positive. There’s a time and place to address the very real concerns that people have about the challenges that Wilmington, and many other cities, are facing in this world. But bantering back and forth on Facebook or picking a fight on Twitter – that’s not going to solve those issues. Meet that person face to face for coffee and discuss how you can work together to solve those problems. We can be both – cheerleader and problem solver.

Today we pledge to be both for Wilmington. It’s what our city needs. Join us.

Wilmington Renaissance Corporation

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